Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cheap Microsoft Xbox LIVE 12-Month Gold Membership Card $35.99

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Take advantage of the very best value for all the goodness of gold! Your Xbox LIVE Gold membership lets you connect and play with friends around the world and watch thousands of HD movies instantly from Netflix. In addition to Xbox LIVE features like available game add-ons, full Xbox 360 game downloads, Xbox LIVE Arcade games and unique fashions and props for your avatar, you’ll receive Gold-exclusive discounts like the Deal of the Week. Plus, with your Gold membership you get early access to some of the best new content.
  • Invite a group of friends into an Xbox LIVE Party, and you can all join games and play and chat together
  • Message, chat, and video chat with friends
  • Manage and update your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Use the feedback system to select players you want to play with (or avoid) the next time you're online
  • Rent and buy the latest movies and TV shows from Zune Marketplace
  • Gold Members who also belong to Netflix can watch Netflix's extensive library of streaming movies and TV shows right on their console at no additional charge


  1. i could totally use this thanks for the find :)

  2. Sadly I don't own an Xbox 360.

  3. Thanks for the tip. Propably won't work with EU accounts though.

  4. I ought to show this to my bro, he's always looking for a deal on his Live. Thanks.

  5. Olá,
    passei para conhecer o seu blog,
    adorei aqui.

  6. Awesome blog following! And this is a good deal!

  7. I don't have an X-Box unfortunately.

  8. I don't have mine now. D:

  9. Its Affordable Live Chat a very good deal and i like more to join...