Thursday, February 2, 2012

FREE 4.5GB Extra Space & Storage Upgrade on Dropbox

Edit 25/03/2012 - Box are now giving away 50GB free storage for a limited time! Get it quick here.

Edit - It's actually FREE 5GB upgrade on Dropbox (500mb for testing the beta and 4.5GB for uploading data)

You can also bypass having to upload the 4.5GB by using the method here.


Get it HERE.

If you don't have a Dropbox account, sign up HERE. (We both gain 250mb extra)

Dropbox is running a beta test on its new Experimental Dropbox 1.3.12 software right now and will give you 4.5 GB of storage (at 500MB increments) to test out some of the new features in Dropbox beta. What the new feature does is enable the automatic imports of photos and videos from cameras, smartphones and SD cards. Basically, when you plug in a camera to your computer, Dropbox will start uploading the pictures to your Dropbox and you’ll start getting free storage.

Storage space is increased in 500 Megabyte chunks by a maximum of 4.5 Gigabytes. For this to work, it is necessary to run the new Dropbox 1.3.12 client. This client is experimental and only linked at the Dropbox forum and not on the main site.

To receive the update, users need to upload photos via the new photo import feature. If you do not have that many photos on your camera, you could simply shoot a lot of photos, connect your camera to Dropbox to get the additional 4.5 Gigabytes of online storage space.


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via Gizmodo and GHacks.


  1. that sounds pretty cool and seems like a good idea, could be a useful product/service

  2. how much crap do u have to have to require an online storage account?