Sunday, December 26, 2010

10% off Book Depository until 20th Jan 2011

From the website -

As a special offer for eBay and PayPal users we'd like to give a further 10% off our already great discount on our great titles. Just enter the discount code FCBZ10 on the checkout page and receive the extra 10% off. And remember, all shipping is absolutely free.

Terms and conditions
  1. The discount code can only be used once per transaction.
  2. Discount codes cannot be used with any other voucher or coupon.
  3. Discount codes can only be used at time of purchase and not retrospectively.
  4. The discount code is only valid until January 20th 2011.
  5. Discount codes are exclusive of any applicable VAT.
  6. The Book Depository is the organiser of this promotion.
  7. The Book Depository Limited retains the right to end this promotion without notice.
Find this deal here.


  1. Never even heard of that site until now, but it looks like this will come in handy. Thanks!

  2. That sounds pretty awesome man! Discounts are great :p haha

  3. Thanks for the info. This is an opportunity for people to but books.

  4. Wow! Discount is lasting for a while. BTW...made you blog of the day.

  5. i'm checking this out now. thanks

  6. Thanks for this i'll be using it to give late christmas presents to my dad

  7. i've already spent too much this season haha, but thanks anyway

  8. Thanks for the info! Followin'.

  9. I love reading books! Thanks for sharing this 10% off :D